Middle Child Blues

Diabetes is Just a Word

I look for health tips all the time. I also am very curious about Type 1 Diabetes-related health tips due to my Type 1 Diabetes. The problem is that because we are like 5% of the population of diabetics (the other ~95% are Type 2) we are grouped in with them. So pretty much we are the middle child that Mom and Dad forgot at the gas station. I’ve taken a class focused on Diabetes (we know they just forgot to say type 2), but surprisingly, they DID offer information on Type 1! Yay! Type 1 was probably 1/6 of the subject material though, the other 5/6 being things dealing with Type 2. Oh well. It’s really hard to find scientific resources for Type 1. All anyone cares about anymore is Type 2.

When I’m reading an article about “Diabetics”, how am I supposed to know if they are talking about mine or others? It gets frustrating because from my class I learned that these diseases are similar, but they are very different as well. Excuse my frustration, but it’s hard not to feel neglected.



Search for the Perfect Pump

Diabetes is Just a Word

The insurance I have now pays for a lot of the insulin pump! I’m going to get one! I’m super excited and so is Jared. We’ve been looking at a lot of information, but it’s hard to find something perfect. It’s like picking out a limb that you’ll have for the rest of your life… It’s scary. I wish I knew which one was the best.

Even though it’s scary to commit to something like this, I know that it will benefit my life tremendously. It will help me when I’m pregnant too! In a couple of years when a baby comes, I think it will be worth the worry I’m going through now.