Today is the Day

Diabetes is Just a Word


Hello all you people in this big world. I am very excited to be able to have the opportunity to speak out on the topic of Diabetes. This blog is dedicated to it! I hope this will be a fresh new look into the life of a diabetic, and hopefully be able to provide a place to connect others of the same. All I want is for us to get a sense that there are people out there who are going through the same things. Sometimes I know I need some support.

I hate talking about Diabetes. Is this surprising? Haha, well I started a blog! I like to talk about it where I feel safe. All too commonly when my condition is brought up in a casual conversation, it turns into an awkward one.

“What are you doing?!” Cries a good-hearted but stupid friend.

“Um, I’m doing some insulin,” I say.

“Are you low or something?”

It seems like I’ve had this conversation many times with people. And because others are rather ignorant of said diabetes, I’ve had to describe how my body doesn’t work countless times.

I feel better when I can imagine there are people reading this who actually know what a pancreas does. If you DON’T know, well how about you Google it and come back when you do.

Hahahaha! I sound kind of mean… Sorry about that. I am actually pretty nice. Hopefully you see some of that from time to time.

Well anyway, again I am ecstatic to start this blog up! I hope it takes off soon. If you feel inclined, please drop me a comment down below.


It’s Funny,

Poems and Things

Love is.

It’s funny how it finds you.

So here I am wondering how he found me.

Undetected, he emerged from the pop-up story book of my life.. I knew someday this page would unfold, but I had no idea the beauty and uniqueness that would come with it. And with every pop-up book that I’ve read, I sure am impressed with the elaborate way the paper is folded, how the colors are arranged, and just the simple way it unfolds at the right time. And that’s me, I guess. And my God has each page waiting for me to open. But with any good book, it’s always read in good time.