No Clown Anymore

Poems and Things

I’m up. I’m down.

I’m thrown around

In my head and through people around me.


I am no clown,

I bear no frown.

I see many people surround thee.


Today I am sound,

then thrown to the ground.

I’m not who they wish I could be.


The Scrooge of Medicine

Diabetes is Just a Word


Life is going well for this diabetic, straight A’s in all my classes, and falling more in love with Jared every day. Diabetes is on the back-burner, it’s not in control of my life!

But I have to face it.

As I grow older the back burner has been slowly moving closer to the front, at times catching my shirt on fire. I put it out and look once again for a way to cool this heat. It controls me daily now.

Shots just aren’t enough anymore. My blood sugar levels would dangerously drop at night. Sugar is more affecting to my body. I feel different.

But I can’t afford an insulin pump. It’s too expensive and I have no money. We’re poor. I feel mad at the bourgeois who set the prices. Why on EARTH does it cost so much?

Well, do you know what?

They’ll get the money because we can’t afford not to buy it.

And those who can’t will die.

Love Yourself!

Diabetes is Just a Word


Amidst a cloud of smog that drowns out the sound of reason, we can’t give up. Forces never cease to make us feel bad about ourselves. We worry about being beautiful, too emotional, oversensitive.. Trifling thoughts plague our day-to-day lives with uncertainty.

Don’t let it.

Our bodies are a gift. Bodies come differently from above, and you have yours. Don’t waste your time wishing it looked better, or functioned the same as others. It’s yours and it’s beautiful.

Mango Banana Blueberry Smoothie

Diabetes is Just a Word


 1 cup yogurt
1 banana
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup frozen mango chunks  (1/2 of a mango)
1/2 cup Orange Juice




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I’ve been in a smoothie mood recently! 🙂