Crazy Morning Lows

Diabetes is Just a Word

blood sugar roller coaster

I was low this morning. It felt like everything was a hexagon. Everything had an angle and I felt it. Really weird. Sometimes when I wake up low, I have the craziest mind tricks. It’s crazy!

When I was in Florida I woke up in the middle of the night (worst experience by myself) and I sensed how the human body moved more than I had ever noticed in my entire life. My mind was opened and I just knew how my body was working. I knew how well my body was crafted and I was amazed in the early morning just how beautiful bodies are. They are so beautiful. There’s something about near death experiences that bring you a better appreciation about things.

Since then I’ve split my Lantus dose to twice a day. Good idea, right? It was Jared’s idea. He’s clearly smarter than me sometimes.

Life’s good! School is great. I have a lot to do all the time. I’m an art major. Soooo I’m always doing something. In fact I should be studying for this art history test today.

Has anybody had a crazy low experience that they want to share?