New Design!



I designed a little eye-catcher for the top of this site! How exciting! I downloaded a free image from the Market in Adobe called “Abstract Shapes Pattern”. I made the rest using Illustrator tools. I love Adobe’s software. It comes in handy sometimes.


Graphic Design


I’m working on designing a poster for an “event” using a famous artist as inspiration. Gunta Stölzl was an inspired weaver from the early 1900s. Her designs and drawings are to die for, and her journals show her deep devotion towards learning. What a beautiful soul.

I appreciated learning about Gunta Stölzl. I am especially interested in textile design, so to find someone who actually has paved the way for textile design is awesome! She’s really a mentor to look up to.

She was blessed with success through her life. Looking back, she wrote, “Even today, I believe that most important of all was life itself.” This encourages me because she spent her days probably not worrying if she was a successful artist. She did the best she could every day with her family and her work. This teaches me that design doesn’t have to be the absolute best at the beginning. Rather, the design comes like life, with ups and downs. Looking through her life’s work, I can see her process. The longer she developed herself, the better she got.

Near the end of her life came the most beautiful tapestries. This teaches me that good design comes with time. I think this can relate to other design students as well. We think that beautiful design comes with a recipe book. Once we learn it, we’ll be able to magically reproduce what we’ve seen. That’s not how it works. She has taught us that it takes a lifetime to perfect beyond beautiful weavings. I have a new mentor now because of her!


Type and Design ideas based on time period and work of Gunta Stölzl.

Type and Design ideas based on time period and work of Gunta Stölzl.