To Ashley

Poems and Things

I miss the you in grade school,

with hay in your bush for hair.

You always said you hated it,

it’s silly, but you always cared.

I miss those hazel eyes, so plain

I could see your pretty heart.

Nothing wrong, but something is,

I could never see the hurt.

I miss that smile I made you do

once in a blue moon too.

I tried so hard to erase that scowl

that somebody did to you.

I miss our conversations more than how are you, I’m fine.

The ones that helped me see that

without you I’m not fine.

I miss the familiarity. You’ve known

me longer than others.

No one gets me quite like you do,

Even my sisters or my brothers.

I miss how we were best friends and I

hate how I went away.

You left too and it left a mark.

Now I’ll never get you to stay.

If best friends were a grown-up thing,

I wish that you’d be mine.

Somehow it doesn’t mean the same if

I say please and you say fine.

I miss the you in grade school,

With skin so clean and fair.

How distracting is the ink you think,

They won’t see who’s under here.

I miss how the times were simpler,

Same old parents, house, and school.

We’d ride our bikes and laughing,

We’d roll down the arena hill.

God whispered the day I met you,

And I made an eternal friend.

And no matter what will happen,

I’ll love you without end.



Poems and Things

Life is still in a rainstorm.

Where I sit and my knitting keeps me warm.

There when the dreamy drip-drop song staccatos,

I dash away my worries and, “I’ve got tos.”

Life is still in a rainstorm.

It whirls my worries downstream.

I close my eyes, rich with wonder.

I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for.

Woman’s Love

Poems and Things

She was a breakfast, lunch, and dinner maker, and the world thought this alone would break her. But each passing day she grew in wisdom, learning to cherish her place, her kingdom.

Her pride crumbled, like a boulder at sea. The wind and the water stripping selfishness and greed. She became as her mother before her was; what a beautiful lineage of woman’s love.


Poems and Things

I loved you with the loving
only seventeen could bring.
Now I love you in the memory
your wake has left on me.

I loved God with the loving
that exceeded you and me.
So I left the old me there with you
putting faith in what was true.

Now I love him with a loving,
running deep as a hearty spring.
His devotion and mine intertwine,
growing closer together in time.

But I loved you with the loving
only seventeen could bring.
Now I’ll love you in the memory
your wake has left on me.

My Limbo Lover

Diabetes is Just a Word, Poems and Things

I’ve visited Limbo, and the Upside too, and who saved me from those dreary places? Ah, well, he’s you.
Your love is so lovely, your kindness so kind. You’re exactly who I needed in those terrible times. When my tears stung my eyes and threatened to flood, you were there with the damning: a lettuce wrap, and love.