Ennobling Mother

Poems and Things

Pat, pat, pat, pat,

A new mother holds her baby.

Pat, pat, pat, pat, 

Whose eyelids start to droop.

“I’m your mother, I’m your mother,”

The hands seem to sing.

“I’m your mother, I’m your mother,”

This brimming heart has waited.

“I’m her mother, I’m her mother,”

The ennobling name blooming.

“I’m her mother, I’m her mother,”

On her head a gold crown plaited.

Pat, pat, pat, pat,

Sweetly the baby complys.

Pat, pat, pat,

She’s fallen off to sleep.


My birth story

Poems and Things

I was pushing really hard and my face was beet red, I’m sure. And everyone was standing around me and smiling, saying how good I was doing.

 And then I saw her.

She was slippery and white with big lips and she didn’t look happy.

My baby, my baby… that’s my baby. I cried with my husband. It was pure joy. She’s ours forever.

Then they brought her over to me finally and I held her on my chest and all I could do was look at her and gush. She was beautiful and absolutely perfect. I’ll always remember her little face. And now I’m a mother. And that was the beginning.

Barefoot on carpet

Poems and Things

The raging thoughts in mind.
The whirlwind sound in ears.

The baby.
His words.

Sweet Isolation,
Feeling my toes touch the carpet at the kitchen table.
Being by myself slouching, elbows on the table.

Nothing is
On my mind.
My alibi.

thoughts but carpet under my toes.
Sounds, but breath and carpet.

Yes, I should
Do this again.
Be silent and mindless, slouched with bare feet on carpet.