He Loves Me

Poems and Things

A wave of relief, made by the sound of my steady heart 
rang loud in my ears
-he loves me.
A wrinkled brow ends with the heat of his chest, not a care in the world
-he loves me.
My mind is as crystal and clear as spring water, not a sound of a demon in there
-he loves me.
I could dance, maybe fly, to him words I confide, with no worry at all
-he loves me.


Away My Blues

Poems and Things

His love is not quite ordinary, the way he shows me mine.
The dearth some days consuming,
other ones do shine.

Even when waning moon doth beg
for the day to turn anew,
His softly uttered suplication
turns away my blues.

Maybe we pair are typical,
with bits of joy and heartache.
Our brimming hearts still love, overfill and sometimes break.


Poems and Things

He couldn’t fill my lack that stacks. My heart; that yearn that burns, my unsteady head. My longing pining, whining, crying, “come to me”. There are no more words so stern, the steady head right now. Just me listening to the high tide words so deep, just need to sleep. It strikes my senses, wet ink spreading, words of incense intoxicating. Palpable is my glum, there is no rule of thumb. I’m alone, my mother’s busy. While others snuggle, I’m caught in a muddle.