Salem! But not the place that burns witches.


We’ve all gone through it.

Moving back home after the semester ends, and wondering how we ever lived there before. Mom would worry about you staying out late, while Dad actually gets angry about it.

The moment he sat me down and gave me a curfew, I decided to move out again.

Salem Oregon!

My brother Seth offered me a job working at his store, Plato’s Closet.

Quick Fact: Dry days average about 300 days a year, leaving about 65 days of seemingly constant rain. The first week I was here it rained so much that schools were cancelled, roads were closed, and a few people died. 😦

It’s was nice to visit home, but better to get away. Better for my sanity.

On another note,

Fender C60. Bought it on craigslist. EPIC deal. Guy was asking $225, I got him to $200. Then I go to look at it, and it’s brand new! I mean perfect condition. Great body, good resinating sound… beautiful. Also came with a capo, shoulder strap, and extra picks.

I feel like I got an extraordinary deal. I’m loving the acoustics.

I feel unsettled though. Unsatisfied. Like I am yearning for the answer to where my life is going.

I’ve always been the soul-searching kind of person. I never realized how long it took for me to get ready for bed; often I end up being pensive by the end of the night.. It wasn’t until I was at college that I noticed that all my roommates had long been dreaming, and I was still awake. That’s just the way I unwind I guess, thinking and wondering.

I’ve been thinking a lot about someone I dated in high school. It’s been a year now since we broke up, but I still feel the hole in my heart. Dreams come about him, even though I never dream. He was my first love.

I guess I just feel a little sad, and definitely lonely in a new place. It helps knowing that I can always pray, and know someone is listening.

At a time like this, I just gotta keep moving on, keeping my chin up, and look to what the future could bring. There’s really nothing else I can do.