To Ashley

Poems and Things

I miss the you in grade school,

with hay in your bush for hair.

You always said you hated it,

it’s silly, but you always cared.

I miss those hazel eyes, so plain

I could see your pretty heart.

Nothing wrong, but something is,

I could never see the hurt.

I miss that smile I made you do

once in a blue moon too.

I tried so hard to erase that scowl

that somebody did to you.

I miss our conversations more than how are you, I’m fine.

The ones that helped me see that

without you I’m not fine.

I miss the familiarity. You’ve known

me longer than others.

No one gets me quite like you do,

Even my sisters or my brothers.

I miss how we were best friends and I

hate how I went away.

You left too and it left a mark.

Now I’ll never get you to stay.

If best friends were a grown-up thing,

I wish that you’d be mine.

Somehow it doesn’t mean the same if

I say please and you say fine.

I miss the you in grade school,

With skin so clean and fair.

How distracting is the ink you think,

They won’t see who’s under here.

I miss how the times were simpler,

Same old parents, house, and school.

We’d ride our bikes and laughing,

We’d roll down the arena hill.

God whispered the day I met you,

And I made an eternal friend.

And no matter what will happen,

I’ll love you without end.



Poems and Things

Life is still in a rainstorm.

Where I sit and my knitting keeps me warm.

There when the dreamy drip-drop song staccatos,

I dash away my worries and, “I’ve got tos.”

Life is still in a rainstorm.

It whirls my worries downstream.

I close my eyes, rich with wonder.

I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for.