Take Courage, my Heart

Poems and Things

The smouldering body that remains
was drenched in flames last night.
A steady heart still sounds today
though wearied from the fight.

“Each beat could be the last,” I said.
“No, not yet,” I replied.

I’m evergreen, like pine.
I’m a dance on the hands of time.
Life cannot beat the courage from me. Not as long as I can rhyme.

There’s a soul inside me
and even if I die
I’ll live on in eternity
with loved ones by my side.

And there will be no pain,
pride nor coward be.
Just a dusty memory
and what courage rewarded me.


Love Yourself!

Diabetes is Just a Word


Amidst a cloud of smog that drowns out the sound of reason, we can’t give up. Forces never cease to make us feel bad about ourselves. We worry about being beautiful, too emotional, oversensitive.. Trifling thoughts plague our day-to-day lives with uncertainty.

Don’t let it.

Our bodies are a gift. Bodies come differently from above, and you have yours. Don’t waste your time wishing it looked better, or functioned the same as others. It’s yours and it’s beautiful.