A Breath When Lost

Poems and Things

I write for me and I write for you, if in life’s strong tempest, it sees you through.

A word for me and a word for you,
I’ve been through it too, hon. Let me stand with you.

I write for my sorrows, I write with my joy. My words you can borrow; my words you enjoy.

Just promise me something, don’t use them in vain. Use them like breathing, not to get gain.

They’re a breath when you’ve lost yours, a soul’s refrain. When you want to find joy, or to remedy pain.

Treat them like the first kiss to the one that you love, or a tip-toe ’round remnants, a delicate spiderweb above.

Listen as peacefully as a soft wind chime. Come join me here in a timeless rhyme.

For these are the sacred moments of me, how I became who I’m supposed to be. The intimate moments when I came to myself are the ones you are reading and store in yourself.


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