Baby’s First Ornament

Sewing Projects

I wanted to make my sweetheart-babe her first Christmas tree ornament! It would mean so much more to her anyway. I got the idea from an etsy item and copied it. Isn’t it cute?

White felt at Michaels was about $.40 for a square. Pink embellishing thread was the same price. The bells cost about $4.00, only coming in a pack of a few dozen. Pretty cheap though!

I drew out the shape of the mittens on scrap paper, and used as template to cut 4 mitten shapes

I took a needle and 3 strands of thread and made my baby’s name and year on one single cut of a mitten. I took another mitten and embroidered a heart. The name looks thick because I ran multiple threads next to each other. And on the heart I just did long vertical stitches. Here’s a closer look (this pictures the end product with the blanket stitch which is next):

Time to stitch mittens to their backs. I used this visual to blanket stitch two mittens together. I started on the side and made my way to where the mitten opening would be. Then instead of going through both sides I just did the top, then wound my way around the edge to the other side. I made it up really. She can play with them when she’s a little older. Open mittens are more fun than closed mittens in my book.

I then attached a 6-8″ string to complete the ornament. Don’t forget the bells! I didn’t separate the string, I just cut it straight from the strand. It was an easy project. If you try it out let me know! 


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