Quotes from Great People


“I think it’s a mistake to pretend we only have a good side; showing our faults and our incapacities is the best statement of absolute value to our neighbor.” -André Derain

Isn’t it funny how we forget that our heroes and mentors were once where we were? They had much anxiety through their lives and stressed to attain perfection. I’ve been reflecting on how we are sharing our artwork on a social network. Our artwork is competing for everyone’s attention, so we try hard to be perfect with everything we post. I’m letting go of that now because I’m not perfect. Why should I pretend like I am?

Neitzshe said, “The first and foremost duty of Art should be to beautify life”. My way is to build people up. I don’t want to do anything of the opposite, and I hope a lot of artists would say that. But sometimes we feel like we are just so small in our efforts of influence. How can we possibly make a difference? Max Liebermann said, “Form… is born anew with every succeeding artist.” That means to me that we all see life so differently. It’s amazing how unique we all are, and divine. The way I see it is, if you have good thoughts, your works will follow suit in one way or another. 🙂

A few drawings from the first few weeks of the semester:

Ten Minute Gesture DrawingFigure Study


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