Why I only use pens when I sketch|Top three sketches


I only use pens when I sketch. The reason comes from my university’s head drawing teacher, Nolan Parson, who told us that drawing in pen forces us to make decisions. We know that every line will remain, so we better try to put it in the right places. He also said that if we want to become good at drawing we have to practice. We have to be diligent and do it everyday. Well it took me two years, but I finally started to sketch every day. And I’ve been doing it for about a month! Some drawings turn out way better than others, but it definitely is making me a better artist slowly but surely.

Here are three photos of sketches that I’m proud of this week. The peacock was just a doodle of some fabric I saw. The man is my father-in-law that turned out great (and he doesn’t think he looks good in glasses)! Third is my exploration of what the main character in my hopeful children’s book will look like. My dream of writing and illustrating a children’s book is getting closer. I am still working hard every day to sharpen my skills and develop a style. Wish me luck!

PeacockQuick Sketch of Father in LawBird Lady Sketch


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