Help! I’m in love with my Micron Pen.


The last few days I’ve noticed that I am just so in love with my micron pen that it’s insane. I rarely use pencil beforehand; I just go for it. Here are my daily sketches since Wednesday for those who are interested:

Car Ride August 2015

Car ride to a hiking spot

Nose/Mouth Detail_08/7/15

Profile detail

Relaxin Passenger Aug 2015

Relaxin passenger

Oh, by the way I’ve been receiving more of a following online recently and I want to say a big thank you! It feels good to reach people and the feedback is great. 🙂

There’s a new blog post every week, and if you want to see my daily sketches follow me on Instagram @rachelwrathall. Come chill out with me on Twitter too @freshraddope.


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