Talk to Somebody

Diabetes is Just a Word


Raise Your Hand! Speak out! Join!

I just discovered a facebook-like place for Diabetics on the internet. It’s called and was suggested by DiabeticDiana’s Youtube video, “10 Things I like about Type 1 Diabetes”. She seems pretty nice, although a little too excited to have Diabetes… Just kidding. 🙂

Anyway, I applied to this community and right now it is pending approval. I feel like I have a special VIP pass or something though, because I feel like nothing can stop me from getting in. I’m already diabetic. Haha.

If Tudiabetes is a little too much community for you, then this place is always here. I created this place to just hear other people and speak out about my life. It’s hard enough as it is, we might as well talk to each other. I think it’ll make us feel better sometimes.


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