Ah, the family.

Diabetes is Just a Word


People really try to understand the Diabetic disease, they really do.

I just got back from Memorial Day weekend with my fiancé. We were visiting his sister’s family (husband and 7 month old). Here’s the thing: I’m still getting used to the new future family, and it’s still a little scary. I’m trying to get used to them and before I knew it, my future brother-in-law’s family invited us for dinner. (And I barely talk to my mom on the phone)

I have Diabetes. Jared knows it, and apparently so does his entire family now. So Jared asked them what they wanted to do for breakfast in the morning. His sister replied that they were thinking about getting doughnuts, but that they didn’t want to be inconsiderate of me.

“Oh here we go again…” I think to myself

“Oh, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter,” I say and go on to explain that a little sugar  never hurts anyone and medicine has evolved, and blah blah blahbeblah. Great!

Next day we go to dinner at said brother-in-law’s parents’ house. The mom offers everyone lemonade, and when I politely say no she tells me she was just trying to be considerate, but knows I shouldn’t be having any.

How does everyone know? It really aggravates me. What I really want to know is how my condition comes up in a description of me.

“Um, yeah, Jared’s engaged to this really great girl! Her name is Rachel and she has Diabetes, so make sure you don’t feed her any sugar.”

I can’t expect everyone to treat me equally (dietarily), when for so many years, everyone knew that Diabetics couldn’t have sugar. Time goes on, things change, but people don’t. Nothing changes.

I just want to feel normal sometimes. I also want to stop having that same conversation over and over again. Do you think it will ever change?


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