Poems and Things

Sometimes I think about you,

Your laugh, your smile, the way you stand.

It’s the way you hold yourself.

The way you pushed your black-framed glasses back up your nose,

How you walked in front of me towards the beach.


Sometimes I think of your crooked teeth.

Sometimes I catch myself making a joke that we used to laugh at together.


Today I saw new pictures of you .

You look happy,

You look content.

It made me smile

It made me remember how much I prayed for you to be happy.

Those countless nights pleading to God

To give you direction,

To point you towards something happy.

Happiness that you deserve.


I miss you today,

Even when I know there’s no way I can see you again.

Our time is over.

But I still love you.


Remember what I told you

all those nights ago?


I always will.


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