Scarf Dress

Sewing Projects

It was my sister Sarah’s idea.

She bought this silky dress on clearance years ago but never wore it. I was wearing a silky scarf when I went to her house yesterday. It could have been her paying respects to my endless pool of crafty. Maybe it was to lighten the load to her next visit to the thrift store. Either way, I walked out the door with a dress and was told to gut a scarf out of it.


Here is the dress.

Let’s make a scarf!

Start out by cutting out the side seam of the dress on one side so that you can open the dress wide.


If your dress has a zipper, you can salvage it. Free zipper!

Use a seam ripper for those hard to get places.

Your dress should be open now.

Mine was a little “bunchy” near the top. I cut off the bust line and the upper back sections. This took away the gathering on the rest of the fabric.

Spread out a scarf as your pattern piece to see where to cut.

Smooth pattern scarf out

Pin in place

Trim fabric 1 inch outside the pattern to allow room for a seam you will make later. If you have a serger, cut normally.

Snip, snip. After you’re done cutting, fold down the fabric to match the pattern scarf’s size. Pin. You can fold down the fabric twice to keep the fabric from fraying (shown below). Make sure that your folding doesn’t make the scarf smaller than the pattern scarf.

Sew the seams all around your new scarf!

It turned out SO cute!

Leave a comment if you try it! I would love to hear how it worked out for you. Thanks for reading.


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